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Do you know what a Piano Technician is?
He is a person that repairs pianos.
- that's all -

Anyone can repair a piano . . . with a little guidance and practice. It's not all that difficult!

Why not SAVE the high cost of hiring a "piano technician", and do it yourself?

You will find everything you need to know right here in my eBook entitled:

"How To Repair Your Own Piano"

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"How To Repair Your Own Piano"

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Look at the Table Of Contents . . .

Chapter 1 - The Keyboard

In this chapter you will discover how to fix sticking notes, repair broken keys, replace chipped or missing ivories and many other repairs related to the keyboard.

Chapter 2 - The Action

There are many moving parts in a piano action, any of which may need repair from time to time. This chapter deals with how the various parts of the piano action function and how to repair them when they get out of adjustment or cease to work properly.

I have also included a drawing of an upright and a grand piano action with all of the parts identified to make it EASY for you to follow each repair procedure accurately.

Chapter 3- The Dampers

It is very important for the damper action to be working properly or you will have all kinds of unwanted sounds coming from your piano.

Here you will discover the proper methods of adjusting the piano dampers so that you can really enjoy your piano music.

Chapter 4 - The Strings

Piano strings can break, buzz, rattle and make all kinds of strange noises. Do you know what is making your piano sound so tinny? Find out here in this chapter. It will be a pleasure playing your piano again.

Chapter 5 - The Soundboard & Bridges

What should you do if your piano has a cracked soundboard? Throw it away? You might be surprised at my answer in this very important chapter dealing with the proper repair of the soundboard & bridges.

Chapter 6 - The Trapwork

What in the world is "Trapwork"? Well, all it is, is the various parts that make the pedals work properly.

Have you ever had a squeaky pedal? Is'nt it annoying? This can be one of the most difficult problems to locate...but not with the help of the detailed instructions I provide in this very informative chapter.

Chapter 7 - Miscellaneous Repairs

Well. there had to be a chapter for this category! A piano is a very complex instrument and there are many things that may need attention from time to time.

If you come across a repair difficulty you cannot resolve, remember, that I am only an email away - 2 hours of FREE consultation. How's that for a bonus!

Also, in this chapter I deal with caster repairs. I am giving you FREE PLANS to build your own piano tilter so that one person can easily tilt a piano over on its back for caster repairs, etc.

You won't believe the ridiculously low price that I am making all this invaluable information available to you for! Some companies charge $100's and even $1,000's of dollars for this kind of information.

You can get your start to a new independent career in piano technology for the unbelievably low price of only $21.95! USD

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"How To Repair Your Own Piano"

Customer Comments

"Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with the rest of us out here. You are invaluable. Keep up the good work."

Bob Barlow

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How To Repair Your Own Piano

Note: This is an electronic book that you download to your computer. You can then read it off line or print it out. Printed copies of the eBook are also available. Note: The printed copy is a loose-leaf printout of the electronic version, not a bound book. It is also available as an application for MAC computers.

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